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Welcome to Phils Musings

This site is just a random place for me to dump data from my brain about projects I have done in the past or are currently working on. You see, I have the memory of /tmp. Very volitile and possibly will be emptied upon reboot (sleep). As such, this is where I will be dumping my knowlege and if you happen to enjoy reading it and it helps you, great 😄

What do I cover?

Well, I'm primarily a programmer and server guy. I self host a lot of things as data privacy is imporant to me. I host this blog, my own code repo, docker image repo, CI/CD, and other things. I also do some Redteaming and Blue team cyber things. I've done a lot, I do a lot, so, I write a lot....

Blog / Site layout

This site uses the most awesome MK_Docs with a special theme Material for MkDocs. Mainly this is a brain dump, so... read at your own risk.